More often than not, you hear the expressions “furbaby”, “furchild” or “pet mom/ dad” but just how popular are pets as family members?          There are an estimated 7 million cats, and 6.4 million dogs in Canada alone, and almost 90% of pet owners consider their pets family members. That’s a lot!

So, you want to start a fish tank… where do you begin? With so many options, it can be hard to decide where to start… so lets start with the basics: The Tank- To keep things simple, let’s assume you want a fresh water tank. You can buy a starting kit that includes filters, heaters,

Summer may be starting to wind down as thoughts of children going back to school in less than a month creep in- but we won’t go down without a fight! There is still plenty of time to throw that ultimate backyard BBQ, or a rocking patio party… just don’t forget about your furry friends at

Obesity is a very common issue in modern cats, and can lead to some dangerous conditions such as Diabetes, joint pain/ arthritis, heart disease, respiratory problems or Cystitis . Naturally, cats are carnivorous hunters that expected their food to put up a fight…which kept them active. However that is clearly not the case anymore with your average

Aquarium maintenance will vary based on the number of fish, size of tank and filtration but a good rule of thumb is to remove 10-25% of the water in the tank once a month. The water should be taken from the bottom of the aquarium using a gravel siphon. Remember to treat the replacement water

This would depend on a number of factors but in general it is not a good idea to mix goldfish and tropical fishes. The warm water favoured by tropical may be too warm for coldwater loving goldfish.

Yes salt is beneficial to your fish and improves the aquarium environment. Add the salt slowly to a maximum of 1- 2 teaspoons per gallon. Only add salt if you are replacing water and only I ratio to the amount of water you are adding. Don’t add more salt if you add water due to

Budgies are one of the easiest pet birds to sex . If your bird is an adult look at the care (nostrils above the beak). On an adult male it should be blue and a female will be brown . on juvenile birds the male is a light violet and female is a light blue

Yes Cockatiels budgies and many other bird in the parakeet family can be taught to mimic word, sounds and whistles . patience and repetition are impotent . start with simple single syllable word and build your birds vocabulary from there.

This is one of the most asked questions in our stores. Finding a food your dog loves to eat can sometimes be very hard. All I can suggest is that you experiment. There are lot of very high quality palatable foods out there. Try different protein sources like Duck, Fish or Venison. One of the