My dog is finicky and I have a hard time finding a food she likes. She like Beneful but I want to feed something better, what food works for finicky dogs?

This is one of the most asked questions in our stores. Finding a food your dog loves to eat can sometimes be very hard. All I can suggest is that you experiment. There are lot of very high quality palatable foods out there. Try different protein sources like Duck, Fish or Venison. One of the foods I often recommend for fussy eaters is Oven baked Tradition OBT for short. Oven baked is the only company that baked their food in ovens like you would a cookie the result is a mouth feel and bite many dogs like. Switching off Beneful can be difficult, you see Beneful uses sugar in their food, there’s no reason for it except dogs love the taste, it’s not good for them and it can make it hard to get dogs to change foods but the health benefits are worth the effort.