March is National Pet Poison Prevention Month. This day was first recognized in 1961 under the administration of John F. Kennedy. Sixty years later, ASPCA now recognizes the whole month as an opportunity to educate the public on the potentially toxic substances in our homes and surroundings areas. In 2019, ASPCA released its data for

It may not be surprising to hear that the coronavirus pandemic caused a surge in pet purchases and pet adoption applications in 2020. The increase of people self-isolating, combined with the fact that more companies are opting for a temporary work-from-home format, has given people more free time in their days and more likely to

More often than not, you hear the expressions “furbaby”, “furchild” or “pet mom/ dad” but just how popular are pets as family members?          There are an estimated 7 million cats, and 6.4 million dogs in Canada alone, and almost 90% of pet owners consider their pets family members. That’s a lot!

So, you want to start a fish tank… where do you begin? With so many options, it can be hard to decide where to start… so lets start with the basics: The Tank- To keep things simple, let’s assume you want a fresh water tank. You can buy a starting kit that includes filters, heaters,

Summer may be starting to wind down as thoughts of children going back to school in less than a month creep in- but we won’t go down without a fight! There is still plenty of time to throw that ultimate backyard BBQ, or a rocking patio party… just don’t forget about your furry friends at

Obesity is a very common issue in modern cats, and can lead to some dangerous conditions such as Diabetes, joint pain/ arthritis, heart disease, respiratory problems or Cystitis . Naturally, cats are carnivorous hunters that expected their food to put up a fight…which kept them active. However that is clearly not the case anymore with your average

Trying to understand the back of your pet’s food bag can seem overwhelming! There are 4 very important areas you want to pay close attention to, and once you know how to decode the lingo, its super easy to compare brands and select the best food for your pooch! 1. The Ingredient List Here are a few

Nose Games Hiding treats around the house, play ‘hide and seek’ with toys, or simply start by playing ‘Guess which hand’ with their favorite treats. Using their nose like this also encourages brain power which helps your pup become  smarter! Tug of War A simple game, but really this just stands for any kind of

As you may know, Ruffin’s releases a calendar every November for the upcoming year. This year we asked you, our customers, to send us pictures of your pets via Facebook and email and we used them to create the calendar. The results were amazing and we have had very strong feedback so far. Check out

We are happy to announce that Meeka has won a year supply of cat food from Eukanuba! Her owner used our Facebook coupon to buy a bag of dry Eukanuba cat food and got a FREE cat tent. She then entered a picture of Meeka to win and ended up with the grand prize! Congrats