Back to School – Tips for your dog!

Back to School

Back to school means lots of commotion in your house. This sudden change of pace can affect your dog and they as such – may need help in adjusting to the new schedule. As such here are some suggestions to help ease them into their new routine.

Begin slowly changing your dog’s routine earlier (we recommend a few weeks prior) to the schedule change so they can resettle into their new routine, some ideas to do this are:

-Walks/Bathroom breaks

-Changing their meal routine to the new times

When leaving the house, consider leaving out toys or have music playing to keep them engaged and encourage mental stimulation.

Plan extra exercise throughout the day (when possible) – to keep them healthy and prevent boredom (this also helps to prevent chewing, destruction of furniture and other bad behaviours).

Make the routing/departure natural and calm. This will go a long way to avert anxiety within your pet and help prevent possible separation anxiety.

Include your dog in some of the activities such as watching your kids go to the bus for school. It will help them in adjusting to seeing them leave/return.

You can also consider hiring a dog walker or using a pet daycare so your pet can experience more human interaction.


And above all else Give them lots of love!


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10 back to school tips for your dog

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