Although we all do what we can to never lose our pets, the reality is that escapes happen. One in three pets will go missing at some point in their lives and being prepared for that can help them find their way back to their family and home. Invented in 1958 by Jack Kilby, these

This would depend on a number of factors but in general it is not a good idea to mix goldfish and tropical fishes. The warm water favoured by tropical may be too warm for coldwater loving goldfish.

Budgies are one of the easiest pet birds to sex . If your bird is an adult look at the care (nostrils above the beak). On an adult male it should be blue and a female will be brown . on juvenile birds the male is a light violet and female is a light blue

Yes Cockatiels budgies and many other bird in the parakeet family can be taught to mimic word, sounds and whistles . patience and repetition are impotent . start with simple single syllable word and build your birds vocabulary from there.

This is one of the most asked questions in our stores. Finding a food your dog loves to eat can sometimes be very hard. All I can suggest is that you experiment. There are lot of very high quality palatable foods out there. Try different protein sources like Duck, Fish or Venison. One of the

External parasites like fleas, ticks, and mosquitos can make your pets life miserable and can carry disease. My preference is to use flea drops from companies like Zodiac and Infestop. They work quickly and keep on working for up to a month. Just make sure you get the drops right down to the skin when

A hamster’s gestation period is about 16 to 30 days depending on what type of hamster you have. The gestation period for a common or Syrian hamster is 16 days; for dwarf and Chinese hamsters it is 18 – 21 days, and for Roborovski Hamsters it is 23 – 30 days.

Ferrets, even descented ones, still have a slight odour but it shouldn’t be that bad. Make sure the bedding is clean including washing any fabric beds and toys in your ferret’s home. Bathing your ferret with a good quality ferret shampoo or even a shampoo designed for deskunking will help.

Red or blood in the urine is always a concern and a Vet should be consulted. However sometimes rabbits will have red in their urine from excess calcium. Does your rabbit have a Calcium block in their enclosure. Don’t leave calcium blocks in your rabbits home at all times as it can lead to excessive

The life expectancy of hamsters varies by the breed. Common short haired hamster will live approximately 3 years, teddy bear hamster 2-3 years, Roborovski hamsters 3-4 years. Proper care and good nutrition will help your hamster live a longer happier life.