November Article: 10 Tips for Rabbits


Recently purchased a rabbit? here are 10 tips to get you started.

1) Grass hay is the most important part of a rabbit’s diet. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins and helps to wear their teeth through chewing. We recommend always having grass hay available to them.

2) A rabbit cage should be big enough to allow them to stand on their hind legs without hitting their head. It should also be big enough to contain their litter box, resting area and be easy enough to clean.

3) It is recommended to spay/neuter your rabbit when they are between 4/6 months of age.

4) Weigh your rabbit regularly to ensure optimal health, also take the time to trim their nails as needed and make sure to get them their annual vaccinations.

5) Make sure to take your pet rabbit out of its cage daily as they need physical exercise to stay healthy and to prevent physical and behavioural disorders.

6) Rabbits tend to groom themselves, however, due to the inability to vomit – can get sick from swallowing fur. As such, make sure to brush your rabbit (at least a few times a week) to ensure optimal health.

7) Rabbits do best in a calm and quiet environment. Make sure to keep them in a room away from dogs or cats.

8) Rabbits are territorial – particularly females (especially if they are unsprayed).

9) A rabbit who has suddenly stopped eating needs immediate veterinary attention and care.

10) Make sure to have plenty of toys for your rabbit to provide a healthy balance of physical and mental stimulation.


Overall, Rabbits are great animals to have as pets – just make sure to take good care of it and ensure it gets the proper attention it needs!

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