Fall Pet Safety Tips


For this month’s article, we wanted to focus on fall pet health and safety. Here are 9 tips to keep in mind.

1) As the weather gets colder, don’t leave your pet outdoors for too long – dogs can catch a cold and even the flu. To avoid this, consider putting a fun sweater on them to keep them warm – especially for walks.

2) Be careful with holiday treats – Many holiday treats can be life-threatening to pets, so be careful and keep them safely away from them.

3) Be aware of ticks, even if it’s the fall – Ticks are still prevalent in the fall, and your pet playing in the leaves is a way to get them. Consider tick repellents to help protect your pet.

4) Be careful of mushrooms – Some mushrooms can be very toxic to your pet. Make sure to supervise them and keep a close eye on them. If you believe they have eaten one, contact your nearest vet immediately.

5) Make sure your dog is current on their vaccinations – Dogs can get their version of the flu – this becomes more common as the temperature drops. Ensure they have their vaccinations to minimize this so your pet can be comfortable regardless of season.

6) Joints – As the weather gets cooler, your pet may begin to experience some joint pain, keep an eye out for signs of limping and other common symptoms associated with joint paint and arthritis.

7) Seasonal allergies – fall allergens may cause itching and sneezing in both people and animals. If this is affecting your pet – speak with your vet about a good allergy treatment plan.

8) Be careful with AntiFreeze – As the weather cools down, it is more common for one to have to consistently top up their antifreeze. Antifreeze is extremely toxic to your pet. Make sure any automobile work you do that involves antifreeze is far away from your pet and that any spilt or drained fluids are properly disposed of.

9) Dog-proof your surroundings – As fruits fall from trees, their seeds and stems are left behind and aren’t good for your animal to eat. Take a minute and identify your surroundings and remove any potential hazards to ensure your pet can play safely!

Have any other fall tips? Send them to us!