Step By Step

Useful products

Before You Begin

Potty training your puppy takes patience, kindness and a little planning- just like with a human baby. The easiest way to train your pup is to listen to their natural instincts and body reflexes to your advantage.

Some products you’ll need before beginning training:

Wire Crate- A wire crate that is a few sizes too big is perfect to keep your non-potty trained puppy confined for short periods of time when you have to leave them alone.

Training Pads- These are super absorbent, leak proof, and disposable. Newspaper is commonly used but does not soak up liquids well. A dog-specific training pad is your best option for indoor potty spots while you’re training

Pet- Specific Odour/ Stain Remover- Use a pet stain/ odour remover that uses enzymes to breakdown the stain over chemical based solvents. The enzymes dig deep into the stain removing any lingering odours whereas some chemical based products will just mask the smell and you dog may continue to go back to this spot- like marking their territory. 


Getting Started

Step one: Create a command and reward to use that your pup will understand. When your puppy is doing their business, say “go potty”. Word association helps your puppy learn to go whenever you say that command word. When they are done, reward them with “good potty!” and give lots of attention/ praise.

Step 2: Create a routine by feeding your puppy at the same time every day. Use the food’s feeding guide to establish how much to feed. Every dog is different, so you may find they want less/ more to eat, in which case consult your veterinarian to make sure they are hitting weight and growth goals.  

After feeding each meal, wait 5-20 minutes then take them outside, and use your command word. Always monitor your puppy to determine what their routine should be, and use their natural instincts to your advantage. If you notice that they have their nose to the ground and are circling it means they need to go NOW. 

Timing is everything, Recommended potty break times:

After naps,
10-20 minutes after each meal
Before going to sleep at night
At least once at night (until they’re about 5 mths)
Whenever you notice them sniffing and circling a spot


Dogs are creatures of habit; so the sooner you establish a place where their business can get done, the sooner they’ll stop going everywhere! Try to keep your pup’s environment the same during potty training- go on the same walk route, or place him in the same spot outside every time. Avoid renovating your house or outside property as this can be super confusing. 

Just remember that accidents can happen!

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