December Article: 8 Holiday Pet Tips

Christmas holiday pet

The holiday season is here and while it’s a fun time for you and your pets there are still some holiday precautions to be mindful of. As such, here are 8-holiday safety pet tips.

1)    Be careful with Christmas lights! Secure electrical cords as pets may begin to chew cords.

2)    Be careful with holiday treats as foods such as chocolate are toxic to dogs.

3)    Avoid certain Christmas tree ornaments such as tinsel and other stringy decorations as pets may try to ingest them.

4)    Consider using pet deterrent spray on your tree to keep your pet away from it and prevent damage. You can pick some up at any one of our Ruffins locations.

5)    Holidays usually mean visitors which can cause anxiety or unpredictable behaviour. Keep a close eye on your pet, monitor their behaviour and adjust accordingly by placing them in a different part of the house where they can be unattended, less noisy and where they can be more comfortable.

6)    Watch for fire and candlelight and make sure they are extinguished before leaving your pet alone/unattended around them.

7)    Keep holiday plants out of reach of pets.

8)    Be cognizant of gifts as pets love to take (and sometimes ingest) the ribbons, papers and plastics. Be sure to properly dispose of them or place them in safe areas as needed.


Remember, you can purchase your holiday pet gift items at any one of our Ruffins Pet Centres locations. 

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