Stay Clean this Fall!

Fall is in full swing-which means that your pup is probably enjoying all that fall has to offer! Pumpkin treats, hikes and of course- mud puddles! We tend to bathe our dogs more often in the fall, which can be harsh on their coats… but we have to clean them, right? It’s a dilemma… but let us help you!

There are alternatives ways to keep your dog clean between baths, like dry (or ‘waterless’) shampoo which can come in a spray, powder or foam formula. The idea is you put the dry shampoo onto your pets coat and try to get as close to the skin as possible, then you take a towel and dry them off! Sometimes its not as squeaky clean as a regular bath, but you do get a fresh smell and save your floors and furniture from muddy paws!
This is a foam dry shampoo from bone dry that smells amazing!
When you can’t help but bath your dog, try a sodium lauryl sulphate free shampoo (what a mouth full!). Basically its a shampoo without the bubbles! Bubbles are from the sodium lauryl sulphate and really have no other purpose but to make bubbles, and it is what causes shampoos to be harsh. These bubble-less shampoos are non-irritating, and you get nose to tail coverage! Easy to rinse because there is no thickening agent (i.e bubbles) and the second ingredient is a natural cleaning agent- Coconut! (This follows right after water!) These shampoos are also safe for humans too, and there’s no eye stinging. Our President has been using the Ultra Grooming Collection for months (the same bottle!) A little goes a long way in this powerful cleaner, available at all our locations for a great price!


You could also bring your pet into our stress free, clean grooming facilities in all but our Brantford and Simcoe stores! Our groomers are experienced and very knowledgeable (and we do promotions sometimes too!)