Human Food Do’s and Don’ts

Summer may be starting to wind down as thoughts of children going back to school in less than a month creep in- but we won’t go down without a fight! There is still plenty of time to throw that ultimate backyard BBQ, or a rocking patio party… just don’t forget about your furry friends at home!

Here is a simple list of human foods that are safe for your pet:

Safe for dogs:

  1. Peanut Butter
  2. Cooked chicken, turkey, salmon
  3. eggs (cooked, i.e scrambled) or oatmeal- both add protein to their diets.
  4. cheese, yogurt- yogurt is great to use if your dog passes gas a lot, or is particularly… stinky.
  5. baby carrots, pumpkin, green beans- be careful when giving your dog vegetables, it may seem like a good idea, but there are hidden terrors. for example, a broccoli stalk might be OK, yet the head contains sothiocyanate- which can be poisonous (same with cauliflower).
  6. apple slices, honey and coconut.

Dangerous foods for dogs:


Safe for cats:

  1. cooked meats ( try avoiding Tuna)
  2. spinach, fish oil
  3. cantaloupe, banana, pumpkin, apples, blueberries
  4. peas

Dangerous foods for cats:

  1. very similar to the info-graphic for dogs, as well as:
  2. chives
  3. milk/ dairy products- a lot of cats are actually intolerant towards dairy
  4. fat trimmings and bones
  5. raw eggs, meat or fish
  6. dog food
  7. liver