Boredom Busters! Dog Edition

Nose Games

Hiding treats around the house, play ‘hide and seek’ with toys, or simply start by playing ‘Guess which hand’ with their favorite treats. Using their nose like this also encourages brain power which helps your pup become  smarter!


Tug of War

A simple game, but really this just stands for any kind of active game your dog likes to play. If they like to fetch, maybe set up a little ramp and show them how to place a ball so that it rolls away and they can fetch with themselves while you’re away!


Change Walking Routine

Going to the same place every day, sometimes twice a day can get boring! For you and your dog’s sanity try switching it up! You may meet new people and discover new things.


Enrich environment

This one is a big one. There are so many options to enrich your pet’s environment, and its especially great if your pet is home alone often. Try using interactive toys to offset boredom- like a stuffed Kong toy to keep them busy, other ‘indestructible’ toys like Nylabone. Visit us in store to find other fun, interactive toys for your pet, or search online to find  a few DIY methods


Simple Obedience

Have your dog master the basic obedience commands like recall, stay, sit, drop it, come and wait. These come in handy in every day situations and in play. Teaching the basics can be super easy, or join an obedience class to learn, meet new dogs (and their people) and be a fun adventure every week.


Arrange a Play Date

Double time with your friend and their dog so you can catch up, and the dogs can play!


Frozen Treats

It will take you dog hours to get to the good stuff, and if you layer the frozen mass, they won’t get bored! you can also freeze toys too for an extra bonus! 7

Kiddie pool/ Lake

Lots of dog breeds have an affinity to water, if you don’t live near a lake set up a kiddie pool in your backyard!


Alternate Toys

Playing with the same old toys is boring! Keep your pup interested by alternating toys out. Keep a couple toys behind, and then every month or so, give them the ‘special’ toys for a week, then bring back the originals


Mental / Physical Activity